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Foods to enhance your sex life

Healthy fats – essential for brain health and gram for gram are the highest energy providers. Better energy equals better sex. Nuts (unsalted), avocados, butternut squash, seeds (Pumpkin seeds are rich in libido enhancing zinc), oily fish, flax oil and olive oil.

Garlic – when you eat garlic regularly your breath does not smell of it and if you and your partner eat it cancels out the problem. Garlic contains allicin which improves circulation increasing blood flow to the sexual organs. To get the most out of your garlic leave it chopped up for 10 minutes to allow the allicin to develop before adding it to your salad dressing and add it towards the end of cooking.

Circulation is vital for heart health, nutrient delivery and sexual ability. Garlic is also anti - microbial and an antioxidant. A 2016 study (Fialova et al, 2016) demonstrated that men who had eaten a regular high dose of garlic or garlic capsules smelt more masculine and attractive to women while the actual garlic odour was less intense.

Maca – This Peruvian ground root vegetable is hormone balancing and particularly in post-menopausal women puts a sexual bounce into your step

Olive oil – said by the greeks to increase sexual desire in women and virility in men. As well as containing good healthy fats, olive oil is high in vitamin E. This vitamin improves skin health and skin on skin contact during sex releases oxytocin which relaxes your blood vessels and reduces hypertension.

Papaya – in traditional Ethiopian medicine the fruit and seeds are valued as having a calming effect, animal studies have shown that they do contain a nutrient ,6-2 dihydroxyflavone that does bind to GABA receptors in the brain producing a calming effect. So a papaya dessert could get you in the mood.

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